Terms of Use

  1. I hereby agree that I am aware of the annual fee for Rs. 500/- (non-refundable) payable by me - is towards maintaining tracker of various policies related to me and my related assets - at cloud platform “ My Bima Care" by Deepshikha Insurance Web Aggregator Pvt. Ltd.
  2. I am aware that annual fees are payable only through RTGS/ NEFT/ IMPS (debit/credit card ) - through app portal “ MY BIMA CARE” “ Deepshikha Insurance Web Aggregator Pvt Ltd. only.
  3. Payment made by client at any other portal & mode/cash is not valid and hence “Deepshikha Insurance Web Aggregator Pvt Ltd. is not responsible for any kind of misdealing / wrong transaction / wrong payment to some other account / some other mode / to unauthorised person by net banking, RTGS,NEFT, debit / credit card / cash).
  4. I hereby confirm that all policy details provided by me are correct and claim of the policies will be applicable basis validity of policy & actual facts of policies and by following terms & condition of respective insurance co./ institution from whom claim to get released - at the time of requirement.
  5. I hereby agree that role of "Deepshikha Insurance Web Aggregator Pvt. Ltd." is only ( a helping tool ) to deal / coordinate (on my behalf / my legal heir) with various insurance companies, institutions, basic facts provided by me / legal heir, and claim of policies will depend basis actual facts, survey report ( by insurance co.) , other reports ( Police FIR, FR, Hospital report.) Authentication of other documents and basic terms and condition of respective insurance co. / institutions only, and In this regard for any kind of delay, lower amount claim approval /processed, rejection of the claim by Insurance Co. / institutions - I / my legal heir will not make responsible to "Deepshikha Insurance Web Aggregator Pvt. Ltd." in any manner and will not create/involve in any dispute, and only I / my legal heir will be responsible for any kind of the wrong submission of documents, any complication, violation of insurance, govt policies etc and or any legal complication arisen (if any) .
  6. I am aware that additional services ( to attend emergency call and to redirect call to nearby Police station, Hospital, TPA and Advocate for assistance.) being provided by "Deepshikha Insurance Web Aggregator Pvt Ltd.” are free of cost, hence I will not make Deepshikha Insurance Pvt Ltd. responsible for any delay, non service providing on time due to poor net connectivity in given area, poor GPS location tracking, an non-availability of nearby hospital/police/ TPA / Legal assistance / or any other reason - may be.
  7. I hereby agree and aware that claim amount & claim policies related to various institutions / Insurance companies, credit card companies are subject to change on time to time basis govt. policies / their internal policies hence I will not make responsible "Deepshikha Insurance web Aggregator Pvt Ltd." for any kind of such changes.
  8.  I hereby confirm and agree that all information provided by me on cloud platform “MY BIMA CARE” is only referral information to track and coordinate by / my legal heir upon requirement.
  9.  I do agree that "Neither any secret/important information ( related to my policies, cards, bank account, etc ) have been asked by "Deepshikha insurance Web Aggregator on it's could platform “ MY BIMA CARE” and nor provided by me”. Hence I will not make responsible "Deepshikha Insurance Web Aggregator Pvt. Ltd." for any kind of misuse of my documents otherwise /anywhere else by any mode - online/offline.
  10.  I have communicated given details to my family members / legal heir, that I have authorized "Deepshikha Insurance Web Aggregator Pvt. Ltd." to contact my legal heir /authorized person on my given emergency contact ( provided by me), and or vice versa on my behalf my legal heir /authorized person may contact to "Deepshikha insurance Web Aggregator Pvt Ltd." with regard to claim related services.
  11. I hereby confirm and agree - that upon the requirement of emergency services ( If any ) and while dealing with advocate (representative of "Deepshikha Insurance web Aggregator Pvt Ltd." - I / my legal heir will provide all relevant policy details to advocate and will track on the portal for all dox provided and movement of the case file for early resolution.
  12. I agree and aware that authorized Lawyer ( Representative of Deepshikha Insurance web Aggregator Pvt Ltd.) is only for coordinating for Insurance claim settlement matter on behalf of the client / legal heir and not for any legal case filing in any court on behalf of client / otherwise.
  13.  I agree and aware about the additional fee is applicable/payable by me / client / legal heir for follow-up with various insurance companies/institutions, by the Lawyer assigned by "Deepshikha Insurance Web Aggregator Pvt. Ltd."
  14. I hereby agree to pay applicable fees ( stage wise ) - while following for claim in insurance companies ( on an individual case to case basis) to "Deepshikha Insurance web Aggregator Pvt Ltd." only by mode of CHQ/ RTGS/ NEFT/ NET BANKING, basis following stages / Requirement.                        A - At the time of docs submission, B: Approval of the case C: Final                           Payment by Insurance Co. / Institutions.
  15. I hereby agree and confirm “ NO DIRECT FEE " ( in any mode ( online / cash transition ) is payable to advocate by me / client / legal heir appointed by Deepshikha Insurance web Aggregator Pvt. Ltd. otherwise "Deepshikha Insurance Web Aggregator Pvt. Ltd." will not be responsible for any kind of such transaction and will be treated an invalid.
  16. All disputes arising ( if any) with regard to any terms and condition should be settled amicably by parties, otherwise - parties can take the option approaching the court for settlement/ resolution of issues/ dispute.
  17. This agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of Jaipur ( RAJASTHAN - INDIA) only.