Mission of Company

Our values principal is "A Mission" to enable safety, stability & progress ñ Our mission is to serve as a trusted partner to our clients by responsibility providing them their claim related assistance (by coordinating with various insurance companies, other related institutions (focusing on service part 1st time in India) through our expert professionals of Web Aggregator cloud platform-î My Bima Careî) that enables growth and financial stability to them and or their legal heir/nominee.

From Director's Desk

Having use of todayís technology of ìArtificial Intelligenceî we have come up as 1st Web Aggregator Co.of Rajasthan and with a unique concept in India, which would provide complete resolution of all policy related matters in a structural way to our clients.≠ As per recent report published on 31st March 2018, an unclaimed amount lying with 23 nos. insurance companies in India- which is Rs. >15167 Crs. In year 2012-13- an unclaimed amount was Rs. >4865.81 Crs. , which has increased by 311% during 5 years and still mountaining.
In today's time , concept of nuclear family is increasing in a larger scale, and in case of emergency , people do not have immediate financial arrangement, assistance to stand-up their families / re-stablish , restart normal life and to survive. Due to lack of knowledge about various policies, govt rules, individual rights-their policy related benefit gets lapsed and hence such amount kept lying with insurance companies as unclaimed.

Need of the Company

We are the 1st Web Aggregator Company of Rajasthan and the need for company is to bring individual's Policy records, at a single safe platform and assess insured's life cover amount, so that an Individual can have a ready record of their Policies and to get the benefit of various policies when it is required for themself or their legal heir/nominee. Our experts will also analysis ñ basis individual's profile, and on other parameters ( for the policies a common man is not aware-but eligible for claim.) - where ever an individual is auto covered for the insurance claim basis several policies by the govt/credit card companies, other institutions and to get evaluated basic the ìNature of Casualty ì (if any). It will cover any kind of accident/ loss of life/asset etc.

Code of Conduct & Safety of Information

We are the 1st Web Aggregator Company of Rajasthan and 9th Live/ operational company in India - Approved by IRDAI & MCA to work as a WEB AGGREGATOR to provide policy-related services (Pre & post insurance ) and authorized (under section 31 " Duties and functions of insurance web aggregator"ñ Clause (C) of the form (P) of schedule IV of IRDAI regulation 2017) to seek elevant information from individuals and complied with rules and regulation - policies of "Govt of India". Hence information provided at our cloud platform is 100% safe and secure. However for extra precautions and safety purpose we have developed the feature of having only partial policy details on the portal and every individual account holder (Login member ) on app/ cloud platform will be self-operational. ( i.e. last 4 digits of policy), and the same can be tracked and edited by the user basis increase/decrease in policy nos., amount of premium, any other information, etc periodically.

Client Cover & Function

Our services are focused - to serve and cover service part -pre & post issuance of all kind of policies ( Life cover, Term plan,health plans, Moveable, Immovable asset etc) to clients . Our cloud platform will cover to all individuals, businessmen, employees of all Govt / Private institutions and to inform relevant information and to assist in case of any casualty, Natural disaster, Road, Air accident etc, reported (if any). Our Expert team will not only work basis the visible parameter of accident / incident but also will do the deep study basis on each individualís profile, social status, consent with/ from legal heir, other policy details and will assist at all possible parameter to get the claim as appropriate and faster through our network of authorised advocateís network/team, with visibility subsequent status of the case and movement of insurance claim file.